TRAX is a centralized, comprehensive mobile application for mountain bikers to improve riding, optimize data collection, and provide thorough navigational and social resources for all types of riders.

User-generated data provides more thorough feature awareness, and optimized navigational resources.

Stay Alert





Navigate using an augmented-reality map database. Users pan their devices to receive a heads-up-display of the entire trail system on their screens.

Receive tips on how to improve your riding abilities and techniques, and choose from a variety of specific training routes including endurance, climbing, and technical.

Fully customize the heads-up-display to your liking. Choose from various visual themes; which types of alerts are received; plan your own route & more!

TRAX facilitates group tours and local rides. While you ride, you may choose to record ride-related data which can be shared and compared with other local riders.

Receive visual and audio alerts regarding trail features, conditions, training tips and navigational resources.

Mount Your Mobile Device to Receive Visual Notifications

Stay Aware

Be notified of upcoming features and conditions while you ride.

Customizable HUD

Fully customize the Heads-Up-Display to your liking, choosing which types of visual cues and information to receive.

Hold Your Phone Up to Get an Augmented-Reality View of the Trail System


Pan your mobile device to see the trail system from your location on your screen! The user-generated AR map offers views with different types of information

Stay Aware

Get a look at the surrounding trails and any information regarding their terrain, riding features and recent activity.

Receive Audio Cues and Alerts

Use Auxiliary or Bluetooth Headphones

Receive even more information about the trails that can't be shared on the screen while you ride!

Receive Tips and Train and Improve Abilities

To improve both your riding and navigational abilities, utilize TRAX's Route-Planning and Trail Riding Tips features with audio cues.